Image Processing

Process IT is a new software developed to process image to start a process of development of survellience data quality and method.


Ortho Photo

A high resolution map which is aligned exactly with gps coordinates.


Digital Elevation Map

Digital Elevation Map/ Digital Terrain map is digital map which is providing the terrain and elevation data for further analysis.



Vector layers are only the markers in gis mapping to extract out the approximate data of area, height, perimeters, contours etc. on map in 2d form.


3D Vector Layers

To understand the proper analysis, 3d vector layers will be also provided on the map.


3D Model

After drone survey and its image processing, there will be a 3d model generated by image prcessing.


Different Analysis

During mapping, we can also provide you the yield analysis, stockpile surveys, river analysis, dam analysis etc. if required.

Process for GIS Mapping

Formats Compatible with


"The early days of GIS were very lonely. No-one knew what it meant.”

- Roger Tomlinson Father of GIS

“The application of GIS is limited only by the imagination of those who use it”.

- Jack Dangermond ESRI

GIS Mapping is not just a techological service but a way to advance the quality of surveys.

- Unknown Surveyer